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In vino veritas

Without the right wine accompaniment, a meal tastes only half as good. We take this knowledge very seriously. In our gourmet restaurant ‘Das Kleine Restaurant’ we usually make a toast to the upcoming exclusive evening with an exquisite champagne as aperitif. Your epicurean trip begins already, accompanied by canapés and exciting chatter, with greetings from the kitchen.

180 different wines and exclusive champagnes await you.

Whether prickling, flowery, velvety, soft, full-bodied, or complex, we have the perfect accompaniment for every dish. 180 absolute treasures amongst 100 red wines and 80 elegant white wines are waiting to be discovered by you in our air-conditioned wine cellar. Who can stick to their usual favourite wine?

On the bright side of life

"Wine and friends, a paradise."

(From Friuli)
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