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Fine dining in Villach: a dinner for body and soul

 ‘Das Kleine Restaurant’ is an insider’s tip for gourmets and all those who would like to enjoy fine dining in Villach, that is, an exquisite meal in Villach. Chef Jürgen Perlinger and the award-winning pastry cook in Villach, Michaela Neumayr, conjure up culinary masterpieces with their team: a marinated venison noisette from a hunt with dandelion and vinegar plums or a tender Black Angus beef fillet steak with celery puree and crispy mixed vegetables.

The crowning finale: rosehip sorbet with buttered breadcrumbs and sea buckthorn sauce.

“We would like to offer our guests something very special”, that’s Jürgen Perlinger’s and his team’s daily aspiration.
At the same time, the secret to outstanding taste depends mainly on our products — our fine dining maxim in Warmbad Villach is preferably regional, at best from our own agriculture, and definitely from the highest quality.

Fine dining in Villach means savouring the moment, celebrating togetherness, and letting yourself be spoilt by us.

Good to know: Of course, as a guest in Warmbaderhof, you park for free – please take a parking ticket on arrival and let us validate it after your meal in Villach.

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